Best Apps to Watch Free Hot Movies


Now there are many Apps that promise to watch streaming movies for free, but most of them violate the new Copyright Act even though they are placed in official app stores. If you really want to watch free legal movies and TV shows on your Smartphone and tablet, there’re something you can not miss these 5 best Apps for free hot movies & TV shows.

1. Crackle (Available for Android and iOS)

Crackle, developed by Sony, is one of the best apps provides free movies, you can find it in ITunes Store and Google Play Store. With this app, you can watch thousands of… It also features a news section, with it. you will be informed of the latest and interesting news about movies and celebrities.

Main Features of Crackle:

Famous Hollywood movies and TV series and new movies and TV episodes added monthly.

All the movies and TV shows are completely free.

No limits, use it no matter where you are.

You can browse among Movies, Shows, Collections, Most Popular or Genres: Action, Anime, Comedy, Crime, Music, Thriller and Science Fiction.

Create and change your favorite on watching online at or on your smartphone.

Enjoy high quality videos via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.

Download Crackle from Google Play Store || Download Crackle from iTunes Store

2. Showbox

Showbox is very similar to Crackle, but the truth is that the interface is somewhat less elaborate. It is equally useful and has everything you want and more.

In Showbox, you’ll be able to enjoy an app as complete and very, very simple to use in which you will be able to see all the movies and series that you like without paying anything. Like Crackle, Showbox has no limits or restrictions, so you can already book a few hours of your time on the couch.

Main Features of Showbox:

Showbox is very simple to use, so you can forget the complicated apps in which you never find anything you want.

Its interface has a very clear design that you will be able to see the new features that are included or can make the search for the movie you want from the top bar, where you have the finder app.

On the side, you’ll have a column with your downloads and little more, but it is perfect to see all the movies you’ve seen, you’ve downloaded, etc.

However, we must tell you Showbox is an app that we’ve loved for its simplicity of use and for being the most complete. What are you waiting to try it?

Download Showbox APK for free

3. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is one of the best apps you have now available in APK format with which you will be able to enjoy all the series and movies that you like. Let ‘s see what offers.

Main Features of Popcorn Time:

No limits

Unlike other apps that you could try, in PopCorn Time you’ll have an app with which you’re going to see movies that you like and chapters of your favorite series, plus new products. You will also have subtitles in several languages ​​in most of them and a search engine to make your job easier.

Super intuitive

Popcorn Time is a super intuitive app with which you will see that find everything you’re looking for is a matter of one click. Enters it, access its interface and search among different categories. Then you just have to choose the movie or chapter of your series you want to see.

Even for the chromecast

And if even that was not enough, PopCorn Time supports Chromecast, so you will be able to stream your content from the phone to the TV so you can you get even more comfortable. As you can see, PopCorn Time it is a complete, intuitive app without limits or restrictions you should not miss.

Download Popcorn Time for Android and iOS

4. Tubi TV  (Available for Android and iOS)

Tubi TV delivers premium movies and TV entertainment streaming to you –– all for FREE! With over 40,000 titles all over the world, Tubi TV is the largest provider of free and legal TV shows and movies on the Web, mobile, and Connected TV devices.

With this app, you can watch some of Hollywood’s biggest titles, including Oscar winners, and movies featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, Will Smith, Matt Damon, and Kevin Spacey.

This app has great potential unlike the other “free” apps with ads and subscriptions. The fact that it can stream to Chromecast or to an external output without many cables makes it an automatic 4-5-star app. It’s an awesome way for you to choose to entertain yourself when you need a little break from Netflix!

Download Crackle from Google Play Store || Download Crackle from iTunes Store

5. SnagFilms (Available for Android and iOS)

Snagfilm is a must-install app for you. This app provides a huge library of free online documentaries and plenty of movies discussed and rated the most by the users so you can search in different categories like Top-rated, themes, channels or simply search by letters from A to Z. Plenty of new movies and shows added monthly. All of them are free for watching.

Features of SnagFilms:

Hindi Bollywood movies

Full-length Movies like “Wreckers”, “Visioneers”, “Brooklyn Rules”, and “The Slaughter Rule”

Hard-to-find indie movies

Full-length Kids and Family-friendly movies

Full-length, subtitled international movies from all over the world

Download Crackle from Google Play Store || Download Crackle from iTunes Store

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