Best Mobile Video & Media Player Apps

Watching videos is surely one of the activities that we do the most on mobile device. Especially in the holidays, it turns into a great substitute for movie or television, no matter you are going for a journey by car, plane or train, or at your destination on the beach or in a pool.

If you’re looking for a powerful video player to promote the watching experience on your mobile device, you’ve come to the right place. Here we will recommend five of the best video & media player apps for you.

  1. MX player

MX Player is a powerful video player for PC and Android devices. It provides inter alia, hardware acceleration, multi-core decoding, extensive subtitle function and multi-touch gesture control. It can support various formats like 3GP, AVI, DIVX, F4V, FLV, MKV, MP4, MPEG, MOV, WMV, WEBM and XVID. It is also available as a paid Pro version with extended functionality and support.

Main Features of MX Player:

  • The MX player not only supports hardware acceleration for decoding, but also multiple processors. Thus, the app provides in many cases for smooth moving images where other video apps are stumble – even in HD.
  • The subtitle function support almost all formats that are in circulation, and additionally allows “fast forward and rewind” on the Subtitle line – if you’ve just missed something.
  • The finger gestures of the player are intuitive and versatile – with two-finger zoom, volume control and player control.
  • The latest version also includes a children’s assurance, it only allows the small video-watching, but no further purchases or phone calls.

Download MX Player From Google Play Store!

  1. VLC Media Player

VLC, one of the best players that has the longest history in the world for computer video, now it is also available for Android mobile devices. It can play most of the multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols. It works with everything, screen mirroring, casting, torrents. In short, we can say that VLC plays all for you.

Features of VLC Media Player:

  • Plays all video formats including MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv and AAC.
  • Support for Streaming
  • Gestures and headphone control
  • Support subtitles (internal and external), including ASS and DVD subtitles
  • Multiple audio or subtitles
  • Decoding hardware (experimental)
  • Compatible from Android 2.1 to 6.0
  1. BS Player

BSPlayer FREE is an app that you must install to your Android mobile device if you want to play all multimedia videos you’ve downloaded into your mobile. With BSPlayer, users will have a simple tool to control, all function are well defined and organized in its interface. With it you’ll be able to play all formats that you want, even when they are in RAR. In addition, BSPlayer is able to find the subtitles that you want in your favorite movies without Debas waste time on it.

Features of BS Player:

  • Easy-to-use and well organized interface
  • You are able to find the subtitles that you are looking for
  • You can play all formats, including RAR files
  1. RockPlayer2

RockPlayer2 is a complete free video player that rocks the edge performance of your processor! With it, nothing escapes from you, it is able to play all the videos that you have in your tablet. RockPlayer2 is an easy-to-use player which enables us to adapt their control manners quickly. The interface of this application is very clean and very well-designed, for which allowing us to get used to it very quickly. With these features, you can play all the videos you want, regardless of what kind of formats they are, the play can be done directly without any converting, etc. It is one of the best video players that you should have in your Android tablet.

Features of RockPlayer2:

  • Supporta lot formats, such asavi, mkv, rmvb, mp4, mov, wmv, asf, wma, wav, mpg, ts, mpa, dvd, au, mp3, mid, ivf, aiff, RealAudio, Vorbis, AVC, VC1 and many others.
  • Gesture control and Customizable play control bar
  • Exchange files among two or more devices via Wi-Fi
  1. KMPlayer

If you are looking for a good media player, with which you can view all files that you want on your phone without informing you any errors on format, KMPlayer is the best alternative that you should have right now for your Android.

KMPlayer is one of the most complete players for all Android users so far. KMPlayer is complete in terms of the features it offers to us, as we could mention more than a hundred. In addition, it is simple to control, for which makes it a complete but suitable player for all types of users. Playing Corrupted files is not a big problem for KM because KM will help you play correctly though it is corrupted. You can also view the downloading files. In short,KMPlayer supports all formats, which means you can watch and listen to all the files you that want with only one player, the KMPlayer. It is so complicated to download several players to handle different formats, you don’t need many choices, here with KMPlayer, you can easily handle everything.

Features of the KMPlayer:

  • Simple to use and very manageable
  • Hundreds of functions
  • It includes all codec
  • It supports all formats
  • It offers a good design

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