Botim Free Video Calling App Download

Making voice and video calls between laptop, computers, mobile phone and tablets has been so popular worldwide that it has become a necessity for most people worldwide.

However, in modern times, Gulf Countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar, are still blocking most VoIP services including WhatsApp. This means no one inside these countries will be able to use unlicensed VoIP service that is offered many different chat software and applications online. Luckily, the telecommunication company Etisalat in the UAE has approved and licensed Botim to facilitate ordinary users. When you miss your family and friends or just want a chat with them, no matter how far they live, you can contact them with Botim unlimited Voice and Video Calls.

What can you do with Botim?

You can share photos, videos, voice messages, location, short text messages, contacts and web clips, and express yourself with a built-in emoji dashboard.

You can also add all your friends, your whole family or your coworkers into a big group. You can even have a group chat with up to 500 people.

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Is the service of Botim free of charge?

The service of Botim is not free of charge in the UAE. Etisalat charges a monthly subscription fee of 50 AED for a single device usage and 100 AED for more than one device that can be an ideal package for the whole family.

Luckily, users outside the UAE don’t need to pay any subscription fee to use the Botim app.

How Can You Use Botim in the UAE on Mobile Devices?

1) You should visit the Botim website to subscribe with the appropriate plan.

2) You can download Botim app from App store if you have an iPhone or iPad, and download it from the Google play store if you have an Android-based device.

3) You should double click on the icon to run the app. To register with it, you should use the same mobile number as used while subscribing to internet calling plan.

4) You can start calling, messaging and more with the app now. But first you must have family or friends who are also using the same application, so you can also invite others to join and start using it.

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