Keep Watch on Your Credit with CreditKeeper

Having a good credit history is pretty important to everyone, especially for those in the process of applying for a loan. If you want to keep a constant watch on your credit profile, you can seek help from CreditKeeper, a credit monitor service provided by Capital One.

How to sign up for CreditKeeper:

To sign up for Mycreditkeeper services, you need to provide your basic personal information and a valid email address. A User ID will automatically generated for you to access your member area. The User ID will also be emailed to your resisted e-mail address. Don’t delete the e-mail, you’ll need it when you are going to cancel the service. You can enjoy one month free trial for the service, afterwards a $9.95 monthly membership fee will be taken from your checking account.

By clicking on the “Product Benefits” button on the website, you can read the specific information of their products. A web demo is also available for customers to view. “Why Credit Keeper” section shows some members’ comments about the website. You don’t need to read it, because only compliments can be chosen to have their voices.

How to use CreditKeeper:

To request your credit report, you need to click on the “My Benefits” button, then click on the “Triple-Bureau Credit Report” link on the left side. After that, click on “Request Report” will bring you to the report request screen. Remember that you can only request one every day.

On the first page of credit report, you can see your credit score and credit category. At the bottom of it, you will find out what factors lower your credit score. Maybe this page seems to be well liked, especially among those who are badly keen to have higher score.

There are another five pages in the report including Personal ProfileCredit SummaryPublic RecordsCredit Inquiries and Account History. You can choose the one you’d like to learn more details about your credit.

It will keep track of your credit records to ensure that no entry in the records have an adverse impact on a person’s financial history. Actually, there’s nothing they can do to really stop identity theft. Once someone steals your identity, you should not depend on this company to do something. It is yourself that will get your act.

If you need more help, call customer service number 1-877-276-3919.

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